Family reunions

This time next week, I'll be roasting in some place called Jackson, AL (north of Mobile, AL), where my wife's family is having a reunion. I'm told it will be an interesting time. In preparation, my wife and I are helping construct a family tree. That in itself has been an interesting hobby in development. My side of the family is pretty small so far, but my wife's side just keeps growing and growing.

To help out with our new hobby, I found this cool program called GeneWeb to store the data in. It's pretty easy to use and install, has a lot of features, and it's free!

At the reunion, we're supposed to be manning the registration table, so what I'm going to try to do is either use my digital cam or a webcam to take head shots of various people to enter into our GeneWeb database along with all their family tree related details.

Should be interesting to see how all these people tie together.