Family reunions

Back from my trip to Jackson, AL for my wife's family reunion. It was an interesting time. Got to meet lots of her relatives, and collected a lot of information for building the family tree. It's pretty extensive, and some of the information I got led to some surprising connections. I've got enough to keep me researching for at least several months now. Added a couple hundred more names to the family tree database.

Jackson, AL was bigger than my wife and in-laws led me to think, although it was still pretty small. It's a nice area, lots of woods and green things that contrast sharply with the reddish brown soil in the area. I'll have to ask my geologist brother about that.

One thing that I would have liked to do was get a little bit of oral history recorded on videotape. Didn't really get the opportunity to do much of that, since I was so busy getting stuff for the family tree database. Might have to wait for another time, although I don't think I can wait too long before some of the older generations with the more interesting stories pass along.