I hate moving. I've made 3 moves so far in my life, and i'm starting to get ready for my 4th. And each time, there's more and more Stuff to move. That's the nature of Stuff I suppose. It grows to expand your available space. Some Stuff is useful. Other Stuff just becomes Junk. And since I'm a bit of a packrat, some of my Stuff that should be Junk just ends up sticking around.

So now I'm in the middle of collecting boxes to put my Stuff into. Some of the Stuff will become Junk, and end up getting tossed. The rest will remain Stuff and will get packed away. Someone's supposed to be stopping by to look at my Stuff and give me an estimate on how much it will cost to move it. Sometimes, I think I should just get rid of all my Stuff and start over.

Then I have to see about making all the address changes. There are a good deal of them, and inevitably, I'll forget one or two of them. Thank goodness for mail forwarding.

Also have to get my car checked out and make sure it will survive the trip to my new home. Been having some cooling issues with it lately, and don't want it dying on the road in the middle of my trip.