Bones, bones, bones

I have a skeleton.

No, not the one inside my body holding me up and not the ones in my closet either. It's one of those display skeletons you might find in your doctor's office, or an anatomy lab. It's not one of those cheesy plastic ones either. This is an actual skeleton, with real bones.

I was walking through our department mail area, and there it was propped up next to the photocopier with a sign saying "I'm headless and homeless. Find me a home".

It's not in the greatest shape, and it's definitely seen better days. It's been decapitated. The arms have been lopped off and the legs have been amputated below the knees. So I guess it's just a torso with dangly bits. Some of the nuts, bolts and springs holding the joints together are missing or damaged, so some of the bones bend quite unnaturally. But aside from that, it's largely intact.

I think it'll make an interesting decoration for my office, once I find a place for it. Unless of course my wife decides to nab it so she can review her anatomy.