Dining out

Finally, a decent place to get Chinese food in Charleston. Our other favourite restaurant was Osaka, a Chinese/Japanese restaurant with a really good sushi bar. Unfortunately, it suffered some fire damage several months ago, and we're still waiting for them to finish renovations and re-open (at least we hope they're doing renovations and planning to re-open). In the meantime, we've been going to Shi Ki Japanese Restaurant on East Bay. Their sushi bar is pretty decent too, and they're one of the few Japanese restaurants that serves udon noodle soup.

Yesterday, we read about a new place, Red Orchids Chinese Bistro on Sam Rittenberg. So we went over there today to check it out. It's kind of a higher class restaurant in Ashley Crossing Mall, a very unassuming strip mall. The food is very good, several steps above your traditional cheesy Chinese restaurant with the all you can eat buffet (I just stay away from those places). Prices are very reasonable, and you get a good amount of tasty food, so it's a very exceptional value.