Joint Commission Jitters

In a few short weeks, JCAHO surveyors will be descending on our institution to check on how well we do things. This will be the second JCAHO accreditation survey I've been through here. Prior to the first one, there was much scurrying and commotion as everyone tried to get ready for the survey. This time around, most of the scurrying and commotion was spread out over the past year and a half. Still, with a few weeks to go, there's more and more activity to get everyone ready.

JCAHO accreditation is a big deal for hospitals. Being accredited and getting a good score on surveys is a good marketing tool, and shows the institution follows a tight set of standards and practices. Plus it's also required to qualifiy for Medicare/Medicaid funding.

Our survey is scheduled for Nov 17. As far as my little portion of the survey, I don't expect to see much activity. My records are in pretty good shape (much better than when I first started here), and I can pretty much account for everything that I'm responsible for. Since I'm not directly involved with anything patient care related, I will be surprised if surveyors stop by to ask me for anything at all.

Bring it on, JCAHO...