New eyes

Picked up my new glasses yesterday. The new glasses are amazingly light compared to my old pair, which were even lighter than the ones before that. My new glasses are Easyclip titanium frames with these nifty little magnets designed to hold some clip-on sunglasses. The sunglasses just stick to the magnets, so no fumling around to slide them on, or prongs poking me in the nose. The lenses are high index glass with UV, anti-reflection (AR is a must-have) and anti-scratch coatings.

Over the years, my wife has been slowly migrating my glasses to smaller and smaller sizes, which runs counter to my preference for larger frames that preserve my peripheral vision (which now falls outside of my glasses). The smaller frames look more stylish, but now I'm limited to just detecting large blurry moving objects with my peripheral vision.

One of these days, I'll have to talk to my optometrist about maybe getting some LASIK or some other laser surgery done on my eyes. My glasses are pretty pricy at $450 a pop. If laser surgery can improve my vision so I don't need as strong a prescription, I'll be happy.