Restructured blog

I've restructured the way my blog is organized to try to make blog rebuilds faster. One of the problems I was running into was that the MT plugins I was using in the side panel was causing the rebuild process to take sufficiently long enough that the server connection would time out before the rebuild process finished.

So, to get around this, thanks to some ideas I got at the MT support forum, I turned the side panel into a separate index page, and use PHP to include() the side panel into each page.

This way, the plugins only get processed once per rebuild instead of once per page per rebuild. Makes a really big difference when you have lots of blog entries. The downside is that all of my page extensions changed from .html to .php, breaking any search engine links. I'll be leaving the .html around for a little while, but eventually they'll be going away.

If you find anything that's broken, let me know.

UPDATE: Figured out how to add a redirect in my server config so that anybody looking for the html version of my blog pages will be redirected to the php version.