Thanksgiving Dinner

Mmmmm, turkey's in the oven, cornbread (Jiffy cornbread mix and a can of corn kernels), sweet potatoes (just plain roasted) are done and there's an ice cold 6-pack of Molson Ice in the fridge. All that remains is the gravy, dressing and macaroni and cheese. The mac and cheese is half done. Just need to toss it into the oven to finish. Gotta come up with a tasty veggie dish now.

Oh, this is gonna be soooo good...

Spent most of yesterday cleaning the apartment. Boy, did it ever need cleaning. Vacuumed corners that probably hadn't seen the business end of the vacuum cleaner since we moved in. Scary sight. But the place looks better now. Still cluttered, but clean. We just have too much junk in our apartment. One of these days, we'll have to go through and decide what's junk and what isn't.