A new box to play with

Have a new Fedora box to play with. The only machine I could scrounge up to install it on was an old Dell Optiplex GX1, 400 MHz Pentium II with 128 MB and 4 GB hard drive. Not the fastest machine in the world, and probably a little underpowered, but it was the best one I could lay my hands on. Should be enough for me to see how it behaves.

Managed to shoehorn a fairly complete installation, although it only leaves me with about 600 MB of disk space to play in. I'll have to see about scavenging another hard drive to put into this box.

Installation was pretty simple, and similar to installing Redhat Linux 9. Boot off the CD, select the packages you want and let it go. Installation on this box took about 2 hours to install about 3 GB of stuff. Like I said, not the fastest machine around.

Too late to play with for today, so the fun will have to wait until Monday.