Let the eating begin!

The eating season is upon us. Thanksgiving luncheons at work today (my dressing contribution is baking in the oven now), maybe another one tomorrow before heading off to my wife's parents house for Thanksgiving on Thursday. Ham, roasted turkey, smoked turkey, macaroni and cheese, dressing, pie, biscuits, collard greens (which I refuse to eat) and all the other yummy stuff.

Then it's off to Chicago for RSNA. That'll be 4 days of hotel living and restaurant eating. Looking forward to downing more than a few deep dish pizzas from Pizzeria Uno and Gino's East. Mmmm...deep dish pizza...mmmm.

And then back in time to start the Christmas baking. Stocking up on supplies to send out Christmas cookies again this year. We did fruitcakes a couple of years ago, which were surprisingly well received. I think it was the thorough soaking with rum we gave them. Making more than a 2 or 3 fruitcakes becomes rather expensive though. Last year we made spritzer cookies, which always seem to be popular. Butter, sugar and flour. That's pretty much all they are. It's hard to make them not taste good :) This year we'll be doing it again.

Once the cookies are done, it'll be time to start planning Christmas dinner. More turkey, ham and dressing. More mac and cheese and greens.

After that is New Year's dinner. Usually a little lighter fare. Leftovers from Christmas (if there are any left), maybe a ham, rice, a pot of black eye peas (which my wife's mom says bring good luck for the new year).

And then 10 months to rest up before starting it all over again.