RSNA Day 1

It's day 1 of RSNA (well, actually day 2, but nothing much goes on on Saturday). Getting to McCormick Place is a lot easier now. There's this new McCormick Place Busway that runs along Lakeshore Drive and the Metra train tracks. No more dealing with traffic to get to McCormick Place. Once the bus finishes picking up people, it's a quick 10 minute ride to the conference.

Spent a little bit of time in the morning wandering through the poster exhibits. Found out about a new open source image processing toolkit from NLM. Something I'll have to check out for some stuff I want to do.

Ran into a couple of my colleagues from work and cruised through the technical (vendor) exhibits with them for a while.

Wireless computer access was a cool new thing at RSNA this year (might have been there last year, but I didn't go). So if you happened to have a wireless capable PDA or laptop, there was no more waiting in line to get onto the computer terminals. Sweet. I have to get one for next year.

Then at 11:30 it was off to the Chicago Hilton for some AAPM committee meetinsg. Those took up the rest of the afternoon.