What are these people looking for?

Browsing through my MT activity log, I notice some people searching my blog for some unusual items. Here's a small selection of some of the search words being entered.

gundam (what's a gundam?)
bling bling
grundy puffs
cheese monkey (huh?)
sphyncter (sic)

Leaves me wondering what it was these people are looking for here, and how the heck they got the impression that it could be found here?

of course, now that I've listed all these words, it should only be a matter of time before my blog starts showing up on search engines, which will lead to more people coming here searching for strange things that will only show up here because I've posted about people searching for strange things.

On another note, MT-Blacklist seems to be working as expected weeding out comment spam here. I probably don't get nearly as much as other more visited sites, but it has blocked 4 attempts since I installed it about a week ago. Hooray!

Eudora 6.0's new SpamWatch and POPFile are also cutting down significantly the amount of spam my eyeballs get subjected to.