Good bye inkjet, hello laser

We finally decided to dump our old Cannon BJC-210 and replaced it with an HP LaserJet 1012. Office Max had it on sale for $150, so we figured what the heck. It's a pretty sweet little printer. It's light, with a relatively small footprint.

Installation was a snap on WinXP. Pop the CD in, install the drivers, plug the printer into a free USB port and let Windows do it's magic. First page out in 10 seconds, 15 ppm, manual and auto feeders and 1200 dpi. It's only a simple B/W printer (2 bit greyscale), so the print quality isn't as great as something like a 4500. But for home use, print quality looks just fine. And 15 ppm sure beats the heck out of the 2 or 3 the old BJC used to do.

Printer configuration and diagnostics are done through a web interface and web server running on your computer. It's something that can be turned off though, if you're leary of an unknown webserver running on your system.

At $150, definitely a good deal if you're tired of that pokey slow inkjet.