Hawaiian shirts

Jay Allen's entry on hawaiian shirts reminded me of what my friends and I used to do during my undergrad (and graduate) days at U of A.

Our Friday ritual after class was to head up to RATT (Room At The Top), the bar on campus. Usually we'd head up there around noon or so, grab our usual table in the corner and have some lunch and hang out. The guys with afternoon classes would head off, and come back afterwards. Hawaiian shirts (bright and colourful ones) were standard dress on Fridays. Whoever forgot their's would be the scornpost for the remainder of the night. They made us very identifiable, and very easy to spot in a crowded bar. Also useful as an ice breaker for meeting girls. We became very well known for them. Sometimes, people would pass us by on campus and say "hey, it's the hawaiian shirt guys!".

We'd step off the elevator, head to our table and the waitress would meet us there with a couple of pitchers. Food orders would be placed, and the meeting would start.

People would come and go, and come back again. Much fun was had, much schmoozing and lawn mowing was done. Ahh, those were the days :)