Resurrect or replace my PDA

The touch screen on my Visor Platinum is starting to flake out on me. Taps on the left side of the screen bounce wildly about, making it difficult to use. My wife gave it to me for Christmas about two years ago, and it's served me well since then. So, do I take this opportunity to shell out more money to replace it with a new and improved PalmOS 5 model (I'm kind of digging the Palm's T3), or go the much cheaper route and just buy a replacement screen.

I like my Platinum, and have grown attached to it. With the Memplug and 64 MB card, I have plenty of space to hold stuff. My trusty Stowaway lets me write and enter data quickly.

I'll probably just replace the screen, because after Christmas, we're pretty tapped out at the moment. Or I might be tempted with a refurb from Handspring. They've got some pretty good deals going on there.

First I think I'll take it apart and see if reseating the cables helps.