RSNA Day 2

Day 2, and the meeting is in full swing. It's a full day of scientific sessions, talks, posters and trying to catch up with people at the technical exhibits.

Started off the morning spending an hour or so studying posters before heading off to my first refresher course of the day. It was a session on the benefits and rationale for lung cancer screening. Very interesting. We're one of the clinical sites for the National Lung Screening Trial, so I thought I had better learn something about it.

Then off to listen to some talks on detector physics. There was an interesting presentation on the integration and performance of an x-ray fluoro/MRI hybrid system. Neat, but I don't think there will be too many of these things around.

At lunch I met with my former Master's supervisor. RSNA is about the only opportunity I get to see him, so it's always good to get together again.

Spent some time cruising through the technical exhibits. Got a demo of Agfa's new v4.5 PACS workstation with the integrated 3D processing from Voxar. Pretty nifty stuff and easy to use. Generate lots of eye candy for referring physicians.

Late afternoon session was a series of talks on Cardiac CT physics. Mostly presentations about artifact reduction.