RSNA Day 3

Day 3. By about the 3rd or 4th day, most RSNA veterans are starting to get a little worn out from all the sensory overload and walking around. Most newbies are still a little overwhelmed and struggling to take in as much as possible.

This morning's refresher course session was on PET brain imaging. Lots of clinical info, and discussion about using isotopes other than F-18 for doing things like neuroreceptor imaging. Neat stuff with lots of potential.

The next late morning session was on PET/CT imaging. Quite a few people discussing the benefits of CT/PET over PET alone. But, as one audience member commented, most PET reading is already done with an accompanying CT/MRI scan.

One new thing at the Poster exhibits this year was the hour long Poster session talks each day. There were sessions for various topics, so you pick the topic you're interested in. You get a group of people gathering around a poster, and the author spends 5-7 minutes telling the group about their poster. Then you move on to the next poster. I rather liked this way of going through posters. Often you're studying the posters on your own, and there's no way of asking the author questions, short of leaving your card stuck to the poster.

Late afternoon science session was on CT dose. One interesting talk provided data on CT doses for head and abdomen studies from sites applying for ACR accreditation in CT.

The late afternoon refresher course I went to was Advanced Ultrasound imaging. It was mostly discussion on 3D and 4D ultrasound imaging technologies. Very cool. Ultrasound's come a long way in the past few years.