RSNA Day 4

It's my last day here at RSNA. It's a pretty light day, with scientific sessions just in the morning. That leaves my afternoon free to catch up on the technical exhibits.

This morning, I went to a refresher course on dual modality imaging and software based image registration. It was pretty interesting, and I learned a few very low-tech tips for doing image registration without needing expensive hybrid scanners or fiducial markers. Dual modality imaging (PET/SPECT CT in particular) is becoming an increasingly popular and valuable imaging method for diagnosing, especially for cases where the diagnosis from either modality is inconclusive.

The rest of the afternoon was spent wandering around the technical exhibits to check out some of the various offerings.

One new item was a (relatively) small corner called the RSNA Mobile Computing Pavillion. It was a collection of wireless, TabletPC, PDA and software vendors offering solutions for wireless and mobile computing in the radiology/healthcare environment. Got my first look at a TabletPC from Motion Computing. They're pretty neat devices. I'm tempted to get one for my wife instead of a laptop.

There are photos of my RSNA trip up on one of my photo galleries