Adventures at the DMV

Actually, it was more of a non-adventure (aside from driving past it and having to turn around).

Note for next time, the SC DMV office on Leeds Ave is across the street from the County Detention center. Must be convenient for them if they happen across someone with an oustanding warrant. The security folks can just march them across the street and be done with it.

Like most states, SC has new requirements for non-US citizens getting driver's licenses. Mostly it's just more paperwork to bring, and there are only a few offices you can go to. I got there, got a number from the nice lady at the front desk, filled out a form and had a seat. Waited about 20 minutes before my number was called and 10 minutes later I was handed a sheet of paper that was my temporary license (I guess it's to tide me over while they inspect my credentials) and had what was probably another cheesy photo taken for my driver's license. Impressively speedy service.