Back to the moon

Hmm, so President Bush wants to go back to the moon. While I am cautiously optimistic about renewed NASA funding, especially in light of the significant budget cuts NASA has experienced over the past decade, I'm still a little skeptical about Bush's vision, especially considering this is an election year. Along with his immigrant worker proposal, it just smacks of political pandering to the masses to me. But in any case, more funding for NASA is always a good thing.

I know we've been to the moon before, but considering how we can hardly keep a space station in Earth orbit, I can't see a moon base coming in my lifetime. I'll be very happy to be proven wrong though.

Personally, I would like to see ISS construction and expansion continue with more support and participation from other countries, with the goal of using it as a launching pad for missions to the moon and Mars. Make ISS and future lunar and planetary missions a truly global effort.