Love my T3

I've been playing with my T3 for a few days now, and I absolutely love it. Screen is nice and bright, sharp, colourful, and I absolutely love the extra screen space when you slide it open. Really makes using spreadsheets a lot easier (which is something I do a lot of). The screen is easy to read in the daylight and battery life is pretty good. Used it quite a bit to test a couple of x-ray rooms the other day. 5 hours of hard use along with lots of syncing and the battery indicator was down to about 40%. And it's fast. Being able to switch between portrait and landscape mode is pretty cool to. The thing can handle pictures and music (comes with a Palm version of RealOne) too. Also comes with a webbrowser, but haven't had the opportunity or need to use it yet.

The virtual grafitti area is pretty cool. Collapsing it gives you a bunch of extra screen real estate. One thing I would like to see is the ability to customize the buttons in the virtual grafitti area, like the hardware buttons can be customized. Since it *is* virtual, I don't see any reason why they couldn't be customizable.

Syncing is really fast too. Way faster than my Visor with USB. Already have it loaded up with about 10 MB of stuff, and a complete sync including backing up all the contents of the T3 only takes 2-3 minutes.

It has Bluetooth, which at the moment isn't too useful for me yet. Maybe I'll find something to use it for.

Migrating from my Visor was easy too. Sync my Visor, and rename the backup directory. Install the updated Palm Desktop, attach the cradle and sync my T3. All the contacts, datebook, todo and memos were transferred over seamlessly. I use Datebk5 and had to recategorize some of my datebook entries though. Some of the events got mixed up into different categories. Minor inconvenience. Then it was just a matter of dragging the apps I wanted to transfer out of the old backup folder to Palm's QuickInstall tool and doing another sync.

Still carry my Visor Platinum around, just in case there's something I need that I forgot to transfer over, but soon it will be relegated to sitting in my desk drawer. Anybody want to buy a used Visor Platinum? Good condition, just needs a new screen (digitizer is flaking out). Comes with USB and serial cradles, Stowaway keyboard (starting to suffer a little bit of wear and tear), Memplug and Vaja case. I think I've even got a few extra styli lying around I can throw in. Make me an offer if you're interested.