Palm's wireless keyboard

The keyboard is a little thinner than my Stowaway keyboard, but bigger in the other two dimensions. Unlike the Stowaway's clever foldout design, this one just folds out in half. Pop the latch (which also serves to support the backrest for your Palm) and fold out the right half of the keyboard. In fact it looks remarkably similar to ThinkOutside's wireless keyboard.

You are greeted with a 3 row keyboard layout (with a split spacebar and other function buttons on a 4th row). A blue Fn key gives you access to the numbers and PDA related functions, while a green Fn key gives you access to symbols.

I like the wireless part. The keyboard's IR port swivels into position above my T3. No connector to snap on to, which is good. I've already worn out one button board on my Visor because of the constant snapping into and out of the keyboard.

I don't like the keyboard at all though. In fact, I suspect anybody who touch types more than 20 wpm probably won't like this keyboard. The hinge just happens to sit where I normally rest my thumb to hit the space bar which keeps me from hitting the space bar properly. I have to hold my thumb in an awkward position to hit the space bar. Maybe I'll just have to train myself to put my thumb a little farther out to clear the hinge.

Having the numbers and symbols compressed into the top row of letters is also inconvenient if you're typing a lot of numbers mixed in with text. Really slows typing down having to reach for those extra modifier keys. It also means the right hand number keys are all in the wrong position (compare with a full-sized keyboard to see just how out of position they are).

Key spacing is all right, somewhat narrower than the original Stowaway keyboard design. 19mm vs 18mm may not sound like much, but it sure feels like a lot.

I think hoever came up with the 3 row keyboard design was never much of a touch typist who entered a lot of numbers. I suppose eventually I'll get used to it, but man, it sure makes typing slow.

I'll have to hunt around and see if I can find an original Stowaway keyboard that I can use with my T3.