The concert

The concert over the weekend was ok. Loud, very loud. My ears are still ringing. I'm not really a big fan of rap and hip-hop music, but my wife is, and she listens to it so that means I listen to it too.

We actually ended up with some reasonably decent seats. Halfway up the first tier behind the left corner of the rink, with the stage at about the far blue line. The people on stage were still pretty small, but visible through the crowd.

The concert opened with someone named Tamia who sang pretty well. Next up was Missy Elliot who had a pretty active show, although I couldn't understand a word she was singing/rapping about. Then came Alicia Keys, who I thought was by far the best part of the show. My wife thought so too. Sang well, played some great piano and really played to the crowd. Last up was Beyonce. Made a good entrance, but I thought the performance was lacking. My wife thought she did too much dancing and running about the stage, and not enough singing. And a lot of the time I thought her background instruments and singers drowned out her singing. The rest of the audience seemed excited enough about her though. A surprise appearance by Jay-Z really sent the audience through the roof. I think the crowd got more worked up when he popped up on stage than they did about Beyonce.

And that was the concert. 100+ dB of ear numbing noise, shrieks and drums and probably about 120dB when Jay-Z came out.