5 years on the job

Yesterday marked my 5th year working here. It's the longest I've ever worked at a single place in my short career. I have to say, it's been a very pleasant 5 years. I think I've accomplished a good deal, although probably not as much as I should have or would have liked. My wife says I shoud make up a 5 year plan for the next 5 years. And earlier this year my boss asked me what I planned to accomplish this year.

Tough thing to do for someone who generally doesn't plan anything more than 10 minutes in advance.

At the start of 2004, I listed some of the things I hoped to get accomplished this year. At the rate things are going, I don't know how much research I'll be able to get done or published this year. Maybe that should be part of my 5 year plan. Definitely on track with the other items though. Haven't really done much with spiffing up the weblog though.

I'll have to think about this 5 year plan thing and come up with something.