Decisions, decisions

Shopping around for a new PDA for my wife to replace the Visor Edge she stepped on. So the past week or so we've made visits and repeat visits to BestBuy and Circuit City. The local BestBuy has pretty much emptied their selection of PDAs, and only carrry a couple of models now, neither of which I would have recommended to my wife. So scratch them. The local Circuit City has a slightly better selection. And they all work too, not the cheesy dummy display models.

She wants:

  • Camera
  • WiFi
  • Colour
  • PalmOS

First I recommended the Tungsten C. Fortunately Circuit City happened to have one on display. She didn't like it much. Wasn't too fond of the keyboard.

My next recommendation was the Sony TH55. She likes the style, but the stuff on the screen is too small for her.

The Sony TJ37 was my next recommendation. At first she didn't like it too much, but after a second visit to Circuit City, she says it's starting to grow on her.

PalmOne has just released the Zire 72, which I was telling her about also. Showed her the specs, and we checked out the Zire71 at Circuit City yesterday. She thought it was cute, and put it on her list of possibilites. It doesn't have WiFi though. But that might not be a terribly big deal though.

There are a couple of reviews on the new Zire 72 and TJ37 so I'll have to show them to her and see what she thinks. Personally I'm leaning more toward the Zire72 since it's got the better camera and processor, even though it lacks WiFi. It does have BT though, so maybe my T3 will finally have something to talk to.