Easy access to 6 years of Medical Physics

During the course of doing literature searches, I frequently find myself looking for back issues of Medical Physics. That means looking them up online or making a trip to the library to dig up the articles I'm looking for.

Fortunately, there are ISO images of Medical Physics availble for 1997-2002 (hopefully 2003) soon, which you can download and burn onto CD (and which I have done already). Then you have to remember where you put those darned CDs. And if you're anything like me, that ends up being in the desk drawer with a bucket load of other things, and they end up getting all scratched up.

Then I stumbled on a couple of articles about building a virtual CD jukebox. What a fabulous idea!! And it's so easy to do! So that's just what I did. Took a while to FTP over a gig worth of ISO images to my Linux server, but once they were there it was a piece of cake.

And thanks to Samba, I have quick and easy access to 6 years worth of Medical Physics mapped to a network drive on my Windows computer. If I need to go any further back, I'll have to go online or to the library, but usually I'm not pulling anything from much later than 1997 anyway.

I suppose getting the article I'm looking for online isn't much more difficult. Just a few clicks away on the website. The virtual CD jukebox method doesn't really get me any more ease of use, but it is neat, and I did learn something from it. This has a higher geek factor I think.