For sale: Visor bits

Two broken Visors means lots of spare bits lying around. Anybody wanna buy my stuff?

Handspring Visor USB cradle (Black) - $10
Handspring Visor Serial cradle (Ice) - $10
Handspring Visor Edge USB charging cradle - $10
SmartMedia Memplug Springboard module - $15
Handspring Visor Platinum - Used, case shows some wear. Digitizer is messed up, but could probably be fixed with a replacement screen. Button board recently replaced. Comes with or without a broken in Vaja case (missing belt clip) - $40
Handspring Visor Edge - Broken screen, but can be scavenged for parts. - $40

I think I may even have a few extra Styli for the Platinum that I can throw in.

Prices negotiable. All items will be shipped USPS Priority Mail upon receipt of payment. Payment via Paypal accepted. Email or leave a comment if interested.