GBD = Yummy

GBD, golden brown and delicious. A term used in culinary circles to describe what fried or roasted foods should look like. But after this weekend it also describes me as well, although I'm not sure anybody but my wife would say I'm delicious (and even that I'm not too sure about). But definitely golden brown. At least my face anyway, and maybe my arms a little bit. The rest of me however, remains pasty white. I'll spare you the graphic details

The stable my wife rides at had a horse event going on this weekend. Lots of people, lots of horses and several events going on. Most of the competitors were at the beginner and novice level, but it was a lot of fun to watch. I brought along my camera and took a bunch of pictures all over the place, so I spent a good deal of time in the sun getting tanned and a little bit burnt. My wife spent a lot of time out in the sun getting very tanned as the dressage scribe.

A fun, but very tiring day.