I think I need version control

I've been looking at some of my PHP/web database projects lately, and deciding some of them are in need of updating. I also think I probably ought to use some sort of version control system to help me keep track of all the files and what I've changed, particularly since I'm looking at rewriting several projects and PEAR DB'ifying them. I've dabbled a bit with using CVS/RCS and Emacs a while ago, which worked reasonably well but not perfectly. I must admit that it probably wasn't perfect because I didn't really bother to learn how to effectively use CVS/RCS. Maybe I need to get this book.

Now I'm using Dreamweaver, which is supposed to have some checkin/checkout features, but it doesn't appear to do any versioning or keep track of comments and changes. Looks like all it does is keep two people from trying to edit a file at the same time.

In my current devlopment model, I create web pages locally using Dreamweaver MX, upload them to my test server to play and test. When I'm happy with the result, it either gets uploaded to the main server or goes into production on my test server depending on what project I'm working on. Sometimes I'll take stuff home to work on (where I develop and test using DWMX, Apache/PHP/MySQL on WinXP), then bring them back to work for uploading to the server. So I'll either need a VC system that fits into that development model, or I need to change my model.

I think I'll check out Subversion and accompanying TortoiseSVN GUI.