Opteron Dually Mobos...Drool

Tech Report reviews 3 pretty sweet looking dual Opteron mobos.

I coud definitely do some serious number crunching with any of these motherboards. When it comes to working with large datasets, I'll bet the Tyan Thunder with a suitable NUMA-aware OS and over 9 GB/s memory bandwidth would run circles around most other workstations out there.

I need one for my next computer...Let's go shopping on Pricewatch

Tyan Thunder K8W1$430.50$430.50
Opteron 246 2 GHz2$675$1350
512MB Corsair CM72D512RLP4$146$584
Gigabyte 256MB Geforce 5950 Ultra1$391$391
Maxtor 250GB SATA HD2$185.70$371.40
Sony DRU-530A DVD+/-RW1$135$135
Thermaltake V1000D case1$128$128
Samsung 193S 19" LCD1$577$577
Enermax EG651P-VE Power Supply1$133.50$133.50
Extras $100$100

Total cost: $4200.40

I'd better start saving my pennies. Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my chin.