A new PDA in the house

We now have one of these, a Sony TJ37. The wife decided she just couldn't wait any longer and decided she needed to have one of these. And since she wanted to listen to MP3s, we needed to get a Memory Stick. Of course that also meant we needed to get a Memory Stick reader for the computer. I decided on one of those multiformat memory card readers that reads CF I/II, SM, SD, MS, Microdrive and several others. I was trying to avoid this Flash media bloat, but now it's unavoidable. My digital camera uses SM, my PDA uses SD, and now her PDA uses MS. All small little bits ot try and keep track of.

So now, several hundred dollars later my wife has a PDA again, and she can go back to organizing her life again.

It's actually a pretty nice little unit, although I think Sony could have made it more attractive going with a Virtual Grafitti area (DIA). MP3s are stored and played off the MS card, and pictures can be stored either to RAM or MS card. It even comes with a little strap that you can use to hang onto it with. Put your hand through the strap, and no worries about accidentally dropping the thing. Stylus leaves a lot to be desired though. It's pretty thin, and I can't imagine using it to write for any length of time.

Navigating with the jog roller is pretty easy, although the buttons can be a little tough to press. They're small and nearly flush with the surface, so if you have big fat thumbs or fingers, pressing them might be a bit of a challenge.

The pictures it takes are fairly decent quality. Not great, but acceptable for quick snapshots. Max picture size is 640x480. If I can get it away from her for long enough, I'll play with it a bit and maybe post a few pictures.