Hooligan Moment #5273

One Friday night up at RATT, R and M have disappeared from the table. Later they are spotted a couple tables over schmoozing on two members of the female persuasion. Stealthily, we observe (well, as stealthily as any table of drunk people can observe) the evil seductresses sinking their claws deeper and deeper into our inebriated friends. Finally, B decides to act. We must save our friends from the clutches of the evil temptresses. Our friends have been bewitched. They think they want to stay with the females, and keep schmoozing them.

B and I stumble over to the table to see if R and M can be saved. We're almost too late. We need to resort to stronger tactics.

B says to M: M, your wife just called. You have to go home because Stephanie's sick.

The sudden breaking of the spell sends a reverberating shock through everyone at the table.

Evil temptress 2 turns to R and says: So, are you married too?

We return to our table with R and M, still in shock, but rescued.

Another successful mission by the Paladins of the Penis.