How I use MT

In the latest entry to SixLog, the question is asked: "How are you using the tool?"

If free isn't an issue for you and you're willing to pay for a version of Movable Type (say the $69 version) and the blog/author limits won't work for your current use, write a non-emotional post explaining how you're using Movable Type and TrackBack this entry.

I work in the Radiology department of a university hospital. When I first decided to install MovableType on my server, it was in response to one of our radiologists who wanted some software that our residents could use to log the procedures they perform. A place where they could leave notes, pictures, descriptions, details, whatever. Our program typically has anywhere from 4-8 residents per year, so there would potentially be as many as 40 weblogs and authors. A weblog would be perfect for this kind of application.

Unfortunately, they decided to go with a different system, so now this installation of MT hosts 1 active author and 4 weblogs.

  1. my personal weblog.
  2. a departmental weblog used to post announcements, activities and department news and the like.
  3. a private weblog used to track changes to the server and maintenance notes.
  4. a test weblog that I use to experiment with.

In the near future I plan on introducing MT to our Radiology Informatics group to see if they might find it useful as a group communication tool. This would involve adding 5 additional authors and at least that many more weblogs. I also plan on introducing MT to the rest of our faculty to see if our radiologists and residents might find it of any use. Thats maybe another 30 or 40 authors. Of course I don't expect all of them to use it. If 10 of them decide it's useful enough to use regularly, then I would be impressed.