MT. Bash. Duck. Wow

Wow, a lot of bitterness, griping and bashing going on with the release of MT 3.0D.

There are a lot of angry people out there ranting about SixApart's (SA) new licensing scheme and pricing for MT3.0. Some of it I think goes a little over the line, but the majority of it seems to question the wisdom of SA's actions.

Personally, I think if they made the pricing scheme a little more reasonable (ok, a lot more reasonable) and simpler, it would go a long way to making people feel better. However, I think it's going to make a lot of people abandon MT as a weblogging platform.

In the meantime, I downloaded and set up the free version of MT and pointed it at my existing database. It unpacks itself as MT-3.0D-full-personal-en_us and as far as I can tell so far, any user/weblog restrictions seem to be on the honour system. In fact I made this entry using the free version using a database with 5 authors and 6 weblogs. No complaints either when I created a 7th test weblog.

So, SA people, if you are listening (if anybody is listening), I think MT3.0 is great. I have no problem with paying for a Personal license for MT. I just think your pricing scheme needs to be changed to make it more affordable. Drop the cost of the Personal Edition license by half and you'll have another paying customer.