No, not another leash!

Lately my wife has been trying to convince me to get a cell phone. She knows I don't want one, but she keeps insisting I need one. I keep insisting that I don't need one. Heck, I don't even like carrying a pager.

Now she's telling me to pick out a cell phone that I'd want, or she'll pick one out for me. Considering my pickiness for technology, it'll probably be one that I'll end up hating (if I can hate cell phones much more).

So, since I have to pick out a cell phone that I don't want, let's see what what kind of cell phone I would use.

Let's see, I suppose that for starters, since i have a T3 with Bluetooth, I might as well get a BT cellphone so I can make use of it. lists a bunch of BT phones, made by Motorola, Nokia and Sony Ericsson.

Motorola has the V600. Nokia offers several BT models, but I like the Nokia 6820 best. Sony Ericsson also has several models, with the T637 looking the most appealing.

Now to see if any of the local providers carry them.