Blogging: One Year Later

Boy, time sure flies. It's already been a year since I jumped on the weblogging bandwagon and surprisingly enough, I'm still on it.

When I first started, I didn't think I'd really have all that much to say. I probably still don't, but I say what I want people to know about me, what I do and what goes on around me. If anyone actually reads it, even better!

Being an anniversary, naturally I thought I'd look over my entries for the past year to see if I could spot any evolution in my weblogging. I'm not sure my writing has changed or improved at all. Lots of linkage, lots of writings that I just seem to cut off without really finishing. I tend to do that when writing. Write and write until I run out of stuff to say, then just end it. It definitely makes it hard for me to write up my research, but I've been working at changing that. Bad habits die hard though.

It's been a fun year, and definitely busy and eventful.

I think one of the more interesting things I've discovered doing this weblogging thing is other webloggers. It's interesting and fun to meet people through their weblogs. Some are very personal and spill out all their guts for the world to see, others less so. And all the variety in weblogs! It feels like you can surf and surf and surf until your modem/router burns out and only just touch the surface of the weblog iceberg. Simply amazing. I love cruising through my list of regular weblogs and finding links to interesting things, or checking out a random weblog at Weblog Review.

I think I'll hang around the weblogging world a while longer