From the Really Weird Dreams Department

Sometimes I have these really inexplicably weird dreams that wake me up and leave me wondering "What the heck was that?"

It started off with me wandering around the townhouse complex where I grew up. There was this funny looking chihuahua following me around for some reason. Then this funny looking dog thing appeared. It looked a lot like Speak, the South American rodent thing that the Tick adopted as a dog. Suddenly, the chihuahua gave a yelp, jumped up and landed on the back of the Speak-resembling-thing and started humping it.

A woman standing next to me asks "Is that dog humping the other one?"

After looking a little bit, I replied "No...I think he's trying to ride a horse"

Eventually the Speak-resembling-thing took off with the chihuahua riding on it's back. There's this guy filming the chihuahua jumping onto the Speak-resembling-thing's back to send to America's Funniest Animals. He's recording it on a strange format film, so when it's played back it looks and sounds like slow motion.

Suddenly, Speak-resembling-thing is being operated on. Midline incision is made, and strange looking guts are revealed. And then I woke up.

Remind me not to read my wife's anatomy textbooks before going to bed...