Hooligan wedding on the way

Congratulations to my fellow Hooligans on their upcoming arrival and as yet unplanned wedding. All my best wishes to the round headed kid and his little blonde haired girl :). I'm looking forward to the festivities!

From Hooligan.net:

Someone is pregnant!
Ok you may have heard the rumours, you may not have, either way it is still big news. Someone who shall remain nameless for the time being (not because I want to protect the innocent, nor the guilty. But because it is fun to make you guess) is now preggers. I will only reveal that this is an old dear friend of the hooligans, whom we have known for many many years and who dates back to the gleee club days. I think we all wish this leggy blonde all the best, and hope that the father of her baby will do the honourable thing and marry her. Granted a promise has been made to that effect but nothing more has been forthcoming. Why is he waiting to make plans? only hoo knows.