Need more gadgets!

Ok, so the laptop is running quite nicely, and I've tested the wireless in a couple of spots at work. I even did some wardriving last night on the way home from eating out. Found a surprising number of APs on the short drive home.

Now the wife is pestering me to get some kind of wirless network thing going on with our desktop.

Ok. Just dropped a brick load of dough on the laptop, and now I have to go out and spend more. That's technology for you. Well, something I planned anyway...just not quite so soon.

So now I have to learn about wireless networking. I figure I'll need a wireless AP to start. Tried to do some wired networking between the two, but I only succeeded in messing up the desktop so that I can't even connect through the modem. It dials and connects, but all I get are socket errors when I try to get online.

No problem, I've been wanting to rebuild the machine anyway. It's been a while since I last did it, and some things are getting flaky. And thanks to the 160GB hard drive I put in it, I can back everything up to that drive and safely blow away the contents of the primary.