AAPM Day 4

The last full day of AAPM, and I'm ready to head back. Unfortunately I have to stay for the Summer School too. My brain's pretty full now but I'm stuck till Sunday. Guess I'll have to make some more room in there somewhere.

Last night's AAPM Night Out at the Carnegie Science Center was a lot of fun. Such a cool place and so many fun things to do! I think it was a good time for everyone who went. I certainly had a good time playing with all the displays, like the lasers and the sound tube or the paper airplane wind tunnel. And the miniature railroad was pretty sweet too. A huge model train set with a whole bunch of tiny detailed movements in the scenery. The Robotics display was pretty cool too. Lots of people tried their hand at making the robot arm shoot free throws. CSC is definitely a fun place to go play.

Lacking any other AAPM sanctioned events, I went out with a couple of friends to catch the Pittsburgh Pirates play the Atlanta Braves. It was the first major league baseball game I had ever been to. An interesting event. Lots of people wandering around, watching the game, eating and drinking beer, and socializing. Pittsburgh lost 1-0 despite managing to get 11 hits versus Atlanta's 5. Watching the pyroghy (or perogie as they spell it here) race was entertaining. At first I wasn't quite sure what the heck those weirdo half moon things were, but then I realized they were pyroghys. Strange thing to race I thought, but hey, the crowd seemed to enjoy it. It was a pretty close finish. I think they might have had to go to the photo for the winner.

You know you're a medical physics geek when you're looking at the Jumbotron and wondering what the MTF characteristics of it are.