This weeked we're dogsitting for a friend of ours. My wife says the dog, Molly, is an Australian shepherd or something like that. She has a black shaggy coat and looks shepherdish, although for some reason she lacks a tail. A dog without a tail is a very strange looking creature. Molly's a pretty sweet dog, although a little spoiled and bratty. A bit of a scaredy cat too, at least until she gets used to things. Inquisitive too. And oh boy, does she ever drool.

She's a high energy dog, and most definitely not an apartment dog. If we had a big yard or an acreage, she would be a cool dog to have. I thinks she'd really go for the agility test thing. She really likes to walk and was pulling me all over the place earlier. Next time we go walking I'm going to have to break out my rollerblades.