It's dead Jim

My wife's cellphone has finally given up the ghost. If you squeeze and twist it just right, you can get it to start up, but then it dies again. I figure all the times she's dropped it has knocked something loose inside the phone. So now I have to go find her another one. I was looking at the Motorola V400 because it's a pretty nice looking phone, but it has no IR port. She uses the IR to beam stuff between her PDA and phone, so now I'm trying to decide if I should just replace the Nokia 6360 with another one or go with the 3200. The 3200 does a little more than the 6360, but it has a smaller battery which might not go over too well with the wife.

This is what Nokia puts on their cell phone battery pages:

Replacing a Battery?
A new Nokia phone may cost you less than a battery, after rebates, with a new wireless service plan.

I wonder if this is a sign of how much of a commodity cell phones have become, when your batteries last longer and cost more than your cell phone...