Live from Pittsburgh!

One cancelled flight and a delayed flight later I finally made it to Pittsburgh 7 hours after I left for the airport in Charleston. It was only supposed to be a two hour trip.

So far I like what I see of Pittsburgh, although I haven't seen much except for the road between the airport and downtown. Pittsburgh has a very nice downtown area that is easily walkable. It's a very hilly area, which is a nice change and sharp contrast to the flatness of Charleston, where the only hills you're going to encounter are overpasses and bridges. Long riverfront areas make for a nice place to walk in the evenings. The convention center where the AAPM meeting is only a short 15 minute walk from my hotel, and there looks to be a lot of shops and interesting little restaurants very near by. And even better is that the hotel I'm in, The Renaissance Pittsburgh (besides being very posh and stylish), offers free Net access! It's slow, but adequate. Faster Net access can be had for a price, but their free service is enough for my needs. The monitor on this ancient relic of a laptop I'm using (a P120 Dell Latitude XPi) is choosing this week of all weeks to flake out on me though.

Got here just before a baseball game started, so there were throngs and throngs of people around headed to the ball park. It's quite the sight to look across the river and see a stadium full of people, and then to hear them roar when something good happens.

Tomorrow is the first day of the meeting, and I expect to be busy with committee and task group meetings most of the day.