Imagine a Beowulf cluster of these!

This would be a pretty sweet machine to get my hands on. 1024 Itanium 2 processors all acting as a single computer running off a single Linux image, rather than 1024 separate nodes like in regular clusters. Throw in 3TB RAM and 370TB of storage and you've got some serious computing at your fingertips. When it's operational, it alone will account for 1/6 of NCSA's computing power and doubles their existing storage space.

The SGI® Altix® system, to be named Cobalt, will consist of 1,024 Intel® Itanium® 2 processors running the Linux® operating system, 3 terabytes of globally accessible memory, and 370 terabytes of SGI® InfiniteStorage that will serve as the Center's shared file system, accessible by other high-performance computing resources within NCSA.

Found at Slashdot.