Ugh, mail spam

Either spammers are getting better at constructing their messages to evade filters, are just spamming more or Earthlink's Spamblocker has been seriously sucking lately because the amount of spam making it through to my inbox has at least doubled over the past few days.

Normally I'd just see 7-10 messages a day in the junk mailbox when I check my mail in the morning and usually none throughout the day, but lately it's been more like 20-30 messages in the morning and a relatively steady stream of 2-3/hour throughout the rest of the day.

That said, Spamblocker is still great. What gets through is probably about a tenth of what gets intercepted. And what does get through gets tagged by POPFile and sent to the trash by my Eudora filters so I never have to dirty my eyeballs looking at it.

So hah! Take that spammers!