Adventures in Java Part 2

Ok, probably sheer coincidence, but with my luck probably not. After installing the Java SDK (1.4.2_05), Mozilla and Firefox broke. All I did was install the Java SDK RPM, copy the JRE plugin to my Mozilla/Firefox plugin directory and restart Firefox. Starting up Firefox, all I get is

INTERNAL ERROR on Browser End: No manager for initializing factory? System error?:: Success

If I try to run firefox-bin directly, it complains about not being able to find and open, even though it's right there in the firefox directory!!!

Gaahhhh, stupid computers. Stupid user.

Update: Ok, so I remove Java, Mozilla works again but Firefox is still broken. Install Java again, Mozilla breaks. Remove Java, Mozilla works. Hmmm. Either I have a problem with my Fedora installation, Mozilla/Java is broken or I'm just dumb.

Update 9SEP04: Somebody who found this entry via Google emailed me to see if I had found a solution to the problem. I don't know if I had, but a few days after writing this entry I installed a new Firefox nightly build and everything has been working fine since then. Currently using the 08SEP nightly build of Firefox and haven't had any Java related problems so far. Haven't gotten around to checking out Mozilla yet though.