Stuck in airline hell

So this was my day yesterday after the AAPM Summer School ended.

13:45: Arrived @ airport. Self check-in didn't work. Need to stand in long line.
14:10: Stuck in check-in line from hell. Only 2 ticket counter people. Good rant material for Blog. Waiting 40 min for ticket clerk to help one person.
14:35: Hour later. Finally checked in. Off to gate.
14:52: Flight to Charlotte delayed 1 hr due to weather. Will miss connecting flight to Charleston. Need to find out details on next flight.
15:12: Waiting in another line to see about getting rebooked.
15:26: Flight to Charlotte now scheduled to arrive @ 7PM in Charlotte .
15:42: Charlotte flight scheduled to leave @ 17:30. Later 19:55 flight to Charleston should be doable.
15:52: Should have taken my keyboard out of my bag before checking it.
16:02: Found one of those PalmOne airport stores.
16:19: Found book called How To Be A Canadian. Had to buy it.
17:36: On the plane at last!
19:03: Landed in Charlotte.
19:14: Flight to Charleston delayed too. Argh. C Concourse very moldy smelling. Keep getting busy signals trying to call Y.
20:09: On the plane at last.
20:15: Eek. Lots of babies on this flight. Hope they're all sleepy. With my luck today, they're all awake, cranky and screaming.
20:36: Still on the plane. Still on the ground.
20:40: Still on the plane. In the air now.
21:22: Finished the book. Mildly amusing and easy read.
21:35: Landed in Charleston.
22:30: Just when I thought I was home free. No luggage. Crap.
23:00: Arrive at home finally.

It was supposed to have been a flight that left Pittsburgh at 4PM and got me back to Charleston at 7. That flight out to Pittsburgh was probably a sign of what I could have expected on the way back home.