The White Screen of Oblivion

With Windows, you have the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). On the Tungsten T3 (and probably other Palm models), you get what I call the White Screen of Oblivion. I've also seen it called just the White Screen of Death. That's when while you're doing something with your Palm OS PDA, and all of a sudden everything on the screen slowly fades away to a bright white. It invariably ends up with a hard reset of your PDA, although a lucky few survive with a warm reset.

Happened to me this morning when I inadvertently opened a 6 MB DOC file with DocsToGo. Meant to open another one, but my tap went awry. In the middle of opening, everything faded away to a blank white screen. Hitting the reset button brought me to the screen calibration dialog, meaning my T3 had just hard reset itself. My first non self-induced hard reset. And today of all days is when I leave my cradle at home. Just as well I suppose, since home is where my most recent sync is. Good thing I sync regularly and often. I suppose one of these days I ought to get an SD card and BackupBuddy or something.