Getting things done in health care

A friend of mine at work received a page today that made me think about how things get done and how to get people to do things in health care. The page was from a nurse manager, and was a complaint about the web based image viewing system not working and how it was affecting patient care.

And there it was, the two magic words: patient care. As anybody who works in a hospital will tell you, you can get just about anything if you mention that patient care is involved. Need to buy or replace a piece of equipment? Just say that it's required for patient care. Trying to get someone to do something? Mention how the job not getting done is having an adverse effect on patient care. Need something fixed? It's affecting patient care. Got your eye on some space and want to kick the current occupants out? "We need that space to make patient care more efficient." And the list goes on.

Of course, it doesn't work everywhere, and there are a lot of areas in the hospital that aren't directly related to patient care. So bring up environment of care. "It's necesary to maintain/establish/promote a good environment of care."

Patient care, that's what it's all about. And it makes people jump.